Remembering Izzy

(Or Grove vs. Ara, Havana, 1930)

by Mort Bryer and Frank Segers


The 46th Street office in Manhattan was for years the magnet to a broad assortment of eccentrics, out of work performers, press agents and other dubious urban species. Among the most memorable of these was Izzy Grove, who operated a poster-placement business in New York, and occasionally booked small ads in the Weekly on its behalf.

Glug a slug of Glüg at Christmas on 46th Street


The folks on the first floor, aka, the basement, decided to have a Christmas party in the office, instead of going out and enriching some local beanery owner. It was the mid-80’s, things were going gangbusters, we were churning out some rather hefty, nay, obese issues, especially for the ones tied to events like Cannes, Mifed, et al. Morale was high and morals low, in other words, happy times in that towering edifice on West 46th Street, in Fun City.