Sydney, Jan.30, 2015

I do apologise for being late with this – I don’t tend to check my gmail account very closely during working days but Don Groves prompted me, so my apologies! I always love to see what the muggs have been up to. Hope I’m not too late.

To which PB answered that it was great to hear from him, but that he really hadn’t told us what he’s been up to. Came the reply:

Ooops, quite right. Although I did write it was an unremarkable year! I guess my main activity was activity: embracing training in a gym, a lot, at 52. And as I mentioned, having to learn about serious digital publishing -this isn’t just WordPress! But serious software for a government agency that has a huge international profile. And peer comparisons. And in communications. So I count them as “activities”! And watching my son become a man. You know what that’s like. My activity last year was watching that and learning communication skills I (and everyone) would have had no concept about 10 years ago. Glad you’re still a tough editor, but that’s all I’ve got! Didn’t change my sex, get married (being divorced for 11 years now), traveled to the Himalayas, or met my soul partner! Sorry for being boring!