Simesite Oscar winners

And the winner of the Simesite sweepstakes this year is… Paul Harris, who guessed 10 of the 12 categories correctly! How Paul manages to pull off this soothsaying each year is a deeply guarded secret. If his is not a gift from the gods, we’d love to know how much time he spent researching the list of nominees.

This year’s Simesite Oscars Sweepstake winner

Well, it’s the morning after, and I suspect none of us in Europe stayed up through the night to watch the ceremonies. But we now, the morning after, we have the results on the guessing.

And OUR winner is…


(former bureau chief of Variety in Washington)

For the record, Paul guessed 10 out of the 12 categories.

The runners-up were:

IAN WATKINS – 8 correct guesses
ADAMS and BESAS – with 7 correct guesses
HOLLINGER and MICHIE – with 6.
KINDRED with 3
and MORT BRYER with a big “0”.

(Sorry Mort, but keep on sluggin’!)

This year’s Oscars Sweepstake


Okay, it’s a bit late to be sounding out all the muggs, with only ELEVEN days to go before the Academy Award ceremonies on February 24. But here we go again, trying to maintain a Simesite tradition. Also, I KNOW most of you haven’t seen the majority of the films, but that could even prove an advantage in more ways than one.

13th hour upset at sweepstakes

In a 13th hour upset for the Simesite Oscar sweepstakes, it was learned today (Mar. 9) that former Athens stringer Samantha Stenzel, now based in Chicago, sent in her vote on March 3, but mistakenly sent it to an old e-mail address of Peter Besas, who never saw it. Sam also guessed eight of the categories correctly, and thus is a co-winner with the other three winners. Virginia Michie will be working on those plaques over the weekend, and we’ll be sending them out to the winners shortly. We definitely will add a few obscure categories for next year’s sweepstakes to prevent such ties in the future, and apologize for the brief hours of confusion.

Revised results:
8 – Meyer, Adams, Hollinger, Stenzel
7 – Silverman (Mike)
6 – Price, Watkins
5 – Besas, Torres, Segers, Marich
4 – Silverman (Mark)
2 – Michie, Bryer