Call for contributions to Souvenir Album

In conjunction with the Sardi’s dinner, scheduled for September 24th, we plan to be printing a handsome Souvenir Album for the occasion, consisting of specially-written as well as already-published articles and photographs relating to the old Variety.

Thus, anyone who wants to contribute to this effort is urged and encouraged to do so. I have already written to a handful of former muggs asking them to send me their contributions. But the offer is open to anyone who worked on the old sheet, in no matter what capacity.

So rack your mind a bit, pick your own subject about your days at the old paper, come up with some stories, anecdotes or remembrances (between 250 – 1,000 words) and please send them to me posthaste as soon as they are ready. If you have any photos from those days, we’d also like to use them. They’ll be returned to you after they’ve been scanned for the Album.

DEADLINE FOR MATERIAL IS APRIL 30. But you don’t have to wait till the 11th hour!

Please send all copy to me at

Should you send copy written with a crowquilt pen, or typewriter, mail it to:

P. Besas
Lagasca 104
Madrid 28006, Spain.

And don’t forget to put airmail postage on the envelope.

FYI, the very first contribution came in this morning. It was from the hand of Doug Galloway in California. Thanks, Doug!