13th hour upset at sweepstakes

In a 13th hour upset for the Simesite Oscar sweepstakes, it was learned today (Mar. 9) that former Athens stringer Samantha Stenzel, now based in Chicago, sent in her vote on March 3, but mistakenly sent it to an old e-mail address of Peter Besas, who never saw it. Sam also guessed eight of the categories correctly, and thus is a co-winner with the other three winners. Virginia Michie will be working on those plaques over the weekend, and we’ll be sending them out to the winners shortly. We definitely will add a few obscure categories for next year’s sweepstakes to prevent such ties in the future, and apologize for the brief hours of confusion.

Revised results:
8 – Meyer, Adams, Hollinger, Stenzel
7 – Silverman (Mike)
6 – Price, Watkins
5 – Besas, Torres, Segers, Marich
4 – Silverman (Mark)
2 – Michie, Bryer