Happy New Year 2011

It’s now been nearly eight years since Roger Watkins, Peter Besas and Jack Kindred huddled in a London restaurant and decided to start up this website, which has kept many of the ex muggs in touch, and where we have posted a wide variety of notices, articles, comments, tributes and, alas, obituaries. Even if a few months should elapse without any new postings, remember we are still alive and kicking and open to all submissions which can be sent to: pbesas@hotmail.com.

As the years speed by, fewer and fewer of the old staff remain above ground, but those of us who have survived promise to continue posting this Site as an homage to those who have “gone West” (as the old World War I expression used to be) and as a platform for any of the old crowd that wants to post news or get in touch with those who used to work for the sheet that Sime Silverman founded in 1905 and whose curmudgeonly spirit we try to keep alive.

The Besas and Watkins families that run this Site wish all you ex Variety muggs all over the world a happy and especially a healthy New Year.

– 30 –