(A veteran of 55 years with Variety, Bob Hawkins has served in various executive capacities in Rome, London and New York. His period photographic recollections of the Cannes Film Festival can be viewed elsewhere on Simesite. Bob resides in Rome.)

HyHo was probably my favorite Variety mugg, and so I welcome him into the longrunner’s club. Hy, hello.

Over the years, all over the world, Hy and I used to meet to witness and document important or frivolous film events for the “Bible”. He always wore well his role of gentleman and scholar, of friend at court, and it was for this — and for so many other positive reasons that in my years since I became less active — I missed running into him from time to time, an oasis in the sometimes turbulent world of showbiz.

Frank Segers mentions a walk Syd and I took with Hy in NY to get him to return to Variety. My rusty memory doesn’t click on that but I know for sure that – whatever – that was Syd’s and my intention. For Hy was, is, a treasure both on the personal side and as a sage member of our family of muggs.

Oh, how I miss it, and HIM!