Jacobson among ex-muggs taking yearly swings to Cannes

Ex mugg and film scribe Harlan Jacobson will again be winging to the Croisette in his yearly trek as film critic and founder of his and wife Susan’s “Talk Cinema” operation, which screens indie and foreign features for select audiences in cities such as New York, Chicago, Dallas, Scottsdale (Az.), Washington, D.C., Palo Alto (Calif.) and the Twin Cities.

The Jacobsons, who are based in a town just north of New York, will also be dispatching Festival reports back to USA Today and WFUV, the radio outlet of Fordham University in New York. They also host a series of “Talk Cinema Travels” each year. Next up are tour group stops at festivals in Locarno (Switzerland) in early August, Montreal in August and Toronto and Reykjavik (Iceland). in September.

Other ex-muggs such as Ron Holloway, Edna and Dan Fainaru, Todd McCarthy, andDavid Stratton and Deborah Young also often attend the fest, though we haven’t received any specific confirmation that they’ll be on this year’s roster.