Joan and Syd head west

Joan and Syd Silverman headed West at the end of November to attend the 100th Anniversary party organized by the present management of Variety on December 2nd. The sheet had published a special Anni edition last October, with editorial pieces by Army Archerd and Liz Guider.

The Silvermans had received an official invite to the LA “do” from Charlie Koones, the present publisher. The event was held in the evening in the Old Post Office, where a tent had been pitched for a buffet dinner. The original plan to hold two separate receptions, one for celebs and the second for staff, was scrapped and both groups joined for the December 2nd event. Among the celebs that Syd recognized was Angela Lansbury. Some of the old staff from the Daily greeted the Silvermans, such as Bruce Brosnan and Sandy Saka, as well as a few who had also attended the Sardi’s event, including Todd McCarthy and Elizabeth Guider. Two short speeches were given by Charlie Koones and Peter Bart, both of whom cordially greeted the Silvermans.

After spending three more days on the Coast, Joan and Syd flew to Boca Raton, Florida, where they plan to spend the winter months.