John Madden has stroke

Former Far-East expert at the old VarietyFrank Segers, who now lives in Tucson, Arizona, has asked us to post the following item about his friend and ex-mugg John Madden:

John Madden, longtime administrative assistant to Variety editor Abel Green and former legit and nitery reporter, suffered a stroke on Sept. 25 while at home in Hollywood, Florida.

Madden, who turned 76 on Oct. 14, was engaged in a telephone conversation with Joe Morella, a longtime friend and former 46th St. mugg, when Morella noticed that John’s speech sounded slurred and irregular.

Morella, who resides in Tucson, Az., was uncertain whether or not the speech pattern was yet another example of the verbal pranks John often adopted in telephone conversations with him. Joe begged off the first phone call and re-dialed John’s number. John answered and the alarming speech pattern persisted.

Morella immediately ended the second call and telephoned 911 in Hollywood, and alerted John’s close friends and neighbors. Madden was rushed to the emergency ward and Regional Memorial Hospital in Hollywood, and was immediately treated for a stroke.

The speedy action limited the physical damage. Madden’s mental functions and speech are not impaired although he has lost mobility and has difficulty swallowing. However, his doctors are optimistic about a full recovery following a lengthy period of physical rehabilitation.

Letters and e-mails of encouragement to John would be most welcome. His mail is being delivered to him by neighbors, so please address all correspondence to Madden’s home address – 5223 Van Buren Street, Hollywood, Florida 33021. John would love to hear from you.