Nostalgia pix from Down Under

Jan 28, 2013

Former Sydney bureau chief, Blake Murdoch, has kindly sent us the following batch of old photos that he came across recently. We felt they might be of interest to share with all the muggs and Simesite followers, so we have posted them.

The first batch of photos was taken at the Cannes Film Festival in 1992 during a dinner organized exclusively for the benefit of muggs dating from the Silverman era. A point was made to not invite any of the then-bosses of the Cahners group present at the Festival.

The choice of the restaurant was made by me, since it was one of my favorite gastronomical stand-bys in Cannes, where I had had many an excellent meal, and which boasted of a spacious upper floor area for group dining. Its name was Le Caveau Proven├žale. I believe about 20 of the old staffers and stringers showed up, some with guests, and we all had a grand time. If I am not mistaken, the tab was picked up by Mark Silverman who I believe at that time had the glorious title of “Associate Publisher, Special Projects”.


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