Syd & Joan in London

Meets with ex-staffers, discusses 100th anni


A few events have occurred that prompt a minor effort in reportorial updating. On June 12, Joan and Syd Silverman arrived in London for a week’s stay, prior to a quickie trip to Italy. The occasion naturally prompted some of us to organize a pleasant get-together over dinner. No-one took a lot of convincing.

Thus, Pat and Roger Watkins took the long train ride from where they live on the coast of England into London; Jack Kindred flew in from Munich, and I came in from Madrid. Admittedly, I had an ulterior motive since I wanted to go over some of the final nitty-gritty about the Sardi’s 100th anni dinner in September.

We will shortly be posting snapshots of the London gastronomical rendez-vous in a French restaurant in South Kensington on June 13 where the aforementioned toasted each other in good cheer.


As for the Sardi’s dinner, plans for it are going ahead at full speed. We expect to be sending out formal invitations by mid-July to all those who have expressed an interest in attending. When you receive the invite, please RSVP before September 1.

And please remember that you must indicate whether you expect to be coming alone or will be accompanied. 

Should you not receive the invitation by the end of July, please drop Peter a line or two in Madrid.

At the moment it looks like we’ll have a full house in New York, meaning about 180 people, including many “better halves”. Ex-Variety staffers will be flying (or driving) to Gotham for the dinner from the Tristate area as well as such places as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, Florida, Alexandria (Va.), Massachusetts, Arizona, North Carolina, Ontario, Chicago, London, Munich and even Madrid.

Among those attending will be a sizeable contingent of ladies (guess we can’t call ’em “gals” anymore) from the former Balan Graphics in Long Island.

In addition to the dinner per se, we’re also organizing a double rendez-vous for libations in two pleasant sites. One will be on the evening prior to the dinner, on Friday Sept. 23,and one at noon the day after the dinner, on Sunday, Sept. 25. 

The idea is that there might be some who can’t get enough gabbing needed into the Saturday evening at Sardi’s, hence they’ll have time to renew old acquaintanceships and yakk away on two other occasions.

Accompanying the dinner will be an audio-visual presentation being that’s being prepared by Mark Silverman.

Work is also progressing on the Souvenir Album being printed for the occasion. The hard-covered book runs over 150 pages and includes about the same number of old and new photos. Guest articles have been submitted by 25 ex-muggs.

Copies of the Album will be handed out at the Sardi’s dinner, but those unable to attend and who want a copy will be sent the Album in the mail.

One final word to the wise. Those planning to attend from out of town might want to make their hotel reservations without delay, since New York at that time of the year is always jumping and hotel space often at a premium.