The New Year on Simesite

The Sardi’s dinner last September 24th was not the “last hurrah” for all the muggs around the world, as some of you may have feared. While it certainly was a landmark event, which probably will never be repeated and the memory of which will be cherished by all of us in the future, we are determined to keep the ball rolling on our side at least. We do so in the hope that although we hear virtually nothing from any of you out there (not even a Season’s Greetings wish!) we know that most of you appreciate the existence of this webpage and occasionally access it.

For the coming year, 2006, we will be making some structural changes in the Simesite. Ian Watkins will become more involved in the day to day technical operations. Peter Besas will continue to act as editor for the Site and take up some of Roger’s load, so if you have any editorial submissions or suggestions or questions in general, please address them to rather than to Roger. If you have graphic material or photos, send it directly to which is Ian’s company in London. Coming up in the pipeline: A review of a new book on vaudeville, “No Applause – Just Throw the Money” by Trav S.D. in which Sime is mentioned various times. In February the traditional Oscar sweepstakes for the Academy Awards on March 5th. News items as they are received at the “editorial desk” in Madrid. Again, we urge anyone out there who wishes to submit copy for the Simesite to send it to us pronto. Meanwhile, we wish you all a prosperous and challenging and above all else healthy New Year. Roger, Ian and Peter Dec. 31, 2005