Variety at 100: Media reactions

Not for the first time, folks, Sime’s sheet was news!

THE FIRST MEDIA COVERAGE of the old Variety reunion was published in the New York Times on Aug. 15 in a three-column article written by Lia Miller, which included a photo of Sime, one of Syd and one of the front page of the first issue of weekly Variety.

About a week before the dinner, the manager of Sardi’s told us that someone from the New York Times had called him to ask permission for a reporter and photographer to cover the event. The manager had given his consent, but failed to get the name of the person calling him.

On hearing this, we reached Lia Miller, the author of the first Times article, and invited her to join us for the cocktails at Sardi’s on Saturday. She enthusiastically accepted to come. But on the morning of the dinner, she called to say she couldn’t make it. And missed a great party!

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