Variety at 100: The show goes on


For approximately 162 people, Sardi’s was the only place to be on September 24, 2005. It was the celebration of the men and women—and the unique relationships—that made Sime’s Variety the greatest entertainment trade publication ever produced.

We welcomed David Stratton, who flew all the way from Oz to be there, and George Gilbert, age 91. Staffers came from Los Angeles, Florida, and all over Europe to embrace each other and catch up. Even New Yorkers were there!

The warmth in the room was palpable. We joked about the “Variety Time Machine,” in which everyone’s face stayed the same, but our hair changed in color or quantity or both! We chowed down on a typical “old New York” meal: steak, mashed spuds, green beans, and cheesecake. No delicate balsamic vinaigrette for this gang!

Mostly, of course, we talked and savored the pleasure of each other’s company. We indulged ourselves in reminiscing about those who are gone but never forgotten, such as Jan Silverman (mother of the fourth generation), Tom Pryor, Woody Wilson, Bob Landry, Joan Crowley and many others who filled out lives.

The years just fell away,and the hours just flew by. Michael and Mark created a wonderful video presentation. Peter and Mark Besas and Joan Hoffman, my stepmother, did a masterful job of organizing the event. And many, many thanks to Dad (sorry, but I don’t call him Syd) for making it all possible.

The evening, indeed the entire weekend, was a reminder of what Sime’s Variety was really all about. Our Variety lives on in the hearts and minds of those of us lucky enough to be part of the miracle from 1905 through 1987.

So, thanks to everyone who attended the weekend celebrations. It was great to see you and, really, we all look fabulous! God bless you till we meet again.