Oscar sweepstake prize announced

Thanks to a suggestion made by Virginia and Larry Michie, we have done a switcheroo on the nature of the award to be given to the winner of the Simesite Oscar Sweepstakes.

Instead of a moldy back issue of Variety, we’ll be sending the winners a plaque with each of their names on it, proclaiming them the winner of the contest.

Not only have the Michies come up with the idea, but Virginia is handling the actual making of the plaques and their subsequent shipping to the winner.

It’s great to have a few “doers” in the crowd out there! Our hearty thanks also go to Ian and Roger Watkins, who came up with the idea of creating a cup with the Simesite logo and name of the winner on it as a prize and offered to have them made in London. But since we already had a mug for Sardi’s party, we thought a plaque would be better.