Simesite Year’s End Wrap For 2015

As the year 2015 ends, we are gratified to see that we have again, after a bit of nudging, garnered no fewer than 23 responses from muggs all over the world for this year’s Simesite Wrap, (plus two latercomers). That still leaves a lot of people who haven’t answered, so we have supplied a list of the “missing” at the very end of the section. Should anyone have information or the latest contact or e-mail address for any of them, please forward it to us. Some may have shuffled off through the Pearly Gates, but others may simply have changed their e-mail addresses, especially when these were company addresses, rather than personal ones.

Here, then, are the replies we received, in the order in which they came in:


Year-end Simesite wrap

Jan 2, 2013

It has now been nearly a quarter of a century since Syd sold Variety and we moved out of the venerable 46th Street building. And a little over ten years since Roger Watkins and I, during a luncheon in a small London eaterie, decided it would be a good idea to start a web page dedicated to keeping the muggs in touch with each other. I had originally suggested a quarterly newsletter, but Roger was way ahead of me and suggested a web site and assured me that his son Ian would be glad to handle the technical side of the affair.

The result was that the Simesite (so named in honor of Sime Silverman) was launched on Dec. 16, 2003, purposely timed to be 98 years after the first edition of Variety hit the newsstands in Gotham.

Variety sold

15th October 2012

A quarter of a century after Syd Silverman sold Variety to the Cahners Group, our venerable sheet, now virtually unrecognizable from what it was in our days, other than the logo Sime and Hattie Silverman once sketched on a sheet of paper sitting in a restaurant in Harlem, has once again been sold.

Late comers

A few replies to requests for the year-end wrap (see Christmas Soundtrack) were received after deadline. Among them were those from Arlene Rosenstein, Samantha Stenzel, Doug Gallowayand Mel Tobias. The photo that Doug sent us of his wife and himself at the Musso & Frank restaurant in L.A. is posted below.

Here are the blurbs received from Sam and Mel:


Happy New Year, So sorry I missed seeing this until now. I will look at the website soon. I have not been doing tours recently (editing and writing) but am putting together a tour for Cuba in March. I am not online very often since I moved to another apartment in my house. I will be soon.Lots of cheer, health and happiness in 2012!

MEL TOBIAS (Vancouver)

Still happily recovering from a fabulous New York trip. Saw 7 shows in 8 days plus culinary delights and shopping for books at the Strand. I am not much into computer and e-mail.

At the moment I am editor of a lifestyle magazine and columnist to a Manila newspaper and own a collectible store (store is for baby boomers with money and lots of memories). In other words, I am selling nostalgia and enjoying real interaction, not the Facebook variety.

I have fond memories of you (Peter) and of Gene Moskowitz, who “discovered” me in Hong Kong.