Mark Silverman’s wrap combines covid and golf: a late entry

New Canaan, CT, Jan.6,2022

Right off the bat, I apologize for the late submission, but in my racket (stocks, bonds, etc.), the end of the year gets pretty cuckoo.  In addition, Pam and I had to postpone Christmas Eve with our 4 kids and their significant others, because we both got Covid a few days before Christmas.  After 10 days of isolation, me in the home office, Pam in the upstairs master, I went back to my January 2021 submission and point interested muggs to that as a backgrounder, since for the most part, NOTHING has changed in the past year.  Well, almost nothing.

We both were double vaxxed, had our booster shots and flu shots, so I don’t feel that “breakthrough” is the right adjective to describe this outcome.  It sounds a little too positive.  But luckily, our symptoms were relatively mild, our youngest daughter Olivia delivered 48 square meals to us over 8 days of “caring” for us old fogeys, separated and masked, and we managed to celebrate Christmas with our kids here in New Canaan CT on New Year’s Eve, with son Alex and his wife Liz on FaceTime from their new home in Boston.

It’s now been almost 2 years since I have been one of the WFH legion.  Our office in Greenwich called us back to work Sept. 9 officially, and I dutifully showed up 2 days a week until last week when it closed again, after I got the bug.  I hope this new variant spins itself out and we regain some normalcy.  I do miss going to the bijou, yet there is just so much content globally on streaming platforms that if you can’t find some really great longforms and one-offs, you’re not trying very hard.  We really miss traveling, and call me a fuddy duddy but I’m not looking forward to strapping on a set of VR goggles to visit the Meta Riviera.  But I’m positive billions will be made from it.  

My original 2020 golf trip to Scotland was postponed once again due to Covid concerns, now moved to August of 2022.  But manna from heaven fell during early October when I filled in for a cancellation on a friend’s trip that included a round on the Old Course in St. Andrew’s, which I had never played.  Decent weather at Gullane #1, North Berwick West, Carnoustie, Kingsbarns, but the caddies at Muirfield said they had “not seen rain like that all year.”  We played anyway, skipped the afternoon round, and made the famous coat & tie guest luncheon last until 4:00.  The real ordeal was not getting tested before, during, and again to return, but flying for 8 hours from Amsterdam with a mask on.  After that, Pam decided she needed a golf trip and we went to Charleston, SC for a long weekend.  No longer a golf widow, I have created a monster, but it’s a nice problem to have.

St. Andrews
Mark and Pam in South Carolina
Sime’s great-great granddaughter Louisa Crisafulli, Carolyn’s daughter

Since I’m late, I had a chance to read through some of the other posts.  I think we all could use Harlan’s organizational skills to be that busy during a pandemic, and Pete’s tale of the Malibou Lake fires is scary indeed, albeit with a relatively happy ending.  I’m going to have to read Norman’s post again, in order to gain further clarity. ;> )

Anyhoo, it’s really something that there’s still a saloon, or a salon maybe, where muggs can still congregate and update their comings and goings after all these years, so kudos to Peter and Ian for keeping the flame burning.  Here’s hoping that 2022 brings an end to this feisty virus and we can all get out, about, and go to the flicks without fear.  Cheers!


Roster of Weekly Variety Muggs worldwide, ca. 1988

New York, Jan. 3, 2022

Ex mugg Jim Robbins was kind enough to send us (via Norman Scherer) this list of weekly Variety staffers the reading of which may induce a sigh of nostalgia when we see all the names on it, most of whom have now passed away.

Given that the list includes Arthur Anderman and Marty Feldman, it must have been prepared, and possibly sent out at Christmas time, around 1989, after the sale, when the paper had moved its New York offices to 475 Park Avenue South.

The list includes not only reporters in the New York office, but also muggs stationed overseas, such as Roger Watkins, Ted Clark, Hank Werba, Luigi Zaccardi, Jack Pitman, Bob Hawkins, Harold Myers, Jack Kindred, Lenny Borger, Stephen Glasgow and Keith Keller.

Also included are the two telephone operators, Peggy Michitsch and Joan Crowley, as well as the New York advertising staff, including Mort Bryer, Fred Birnbaum and Abie Torres. Also listed are the two office boys, who managed to make the transition from 46th Street to Park Avenue South, Sylvester Joachim and Chris Higgins. And, of course, there is the inimitable secretary and factotum, Norma Nannini, as well as Arlene Rosenstein in accounting and Muriel Pagan in the subscription department, along with a roster of the reporters covering TV and film. In all there are close to 100 names. This surviving scribe remembers almost all of them and can now conjure up their faces as I remember them during the unforgettable years of the Silverman era. What a nostalgia trip!

Thanks a million Jim Robbins and Norman Scherer for saving this piece of memorabilia from oblivion.


Year’s end Simesite wrap

Jan. 1, 2022       

Well, we have done it again! I mean, managed to keep the Site live for another year and gotten 18 muggs to send in contributions. Albeit this is a few less than the previous year, it is certainly a satisfactory result considering that the sheet was sold 34 years ago and that Simesite has now been around for 19 of those, thanks largely to the late Roger Watkins and his son, Ian.


Mugg Tom Gilbert pens NYT article on “Lucy” pic

New York, Dec. 21

By Bob Marich

Variety mugg Tom Gilbert penned a byliner in the New York Times today (Dec.21) about new films centered on the late comedienne Lucille Ball. Gilbert co-wrote the definitive Lucy book “Desilu” with Steve Sanders.The title refers to her famed TV production company. Tom praises the new Lucy flick Being the Ricardos as boffo! The title comes from characters in the Lucy sitcom.

“Variety” mugg Tom Gilbert co-authored the authoritative tome on comedienne Lucille Ball and her husband/business partner Desi Arnaz.

In the New York Times article, Gilbert recalls being a big big fan of Lucy’s sitcom I Love Lucy since age 13. But “after I graduated from college, I moved from Florida to Manhattan to pursue a career in journalism and decided to put the Lucy obsession behind me,” he writes—which includes his years at Variety in New York and Los Angeles. The obsession was rekindled when his journalism work led to personally meeting Lucy, including at a small birthday party with a dozen people.

When a group photo at the birthday party was to be taken, Tom stood discreetly on the far edge of the group. But he warmly recalled that “Lucille reached back and grabbed me by my shirt, pulling me directly behind her. ‘Is he in the picture?’ she asked the photographer, knowing how important the resulting photo would be to me. It was then that I loved Lucille.”

New York Times: Lucille Ball on the Big Screen, the Small Screen and Offscreen