Tidbits from the grapevine

Recently passing through Madrid on his way to the MIPCOM was former Rio correspondent, Nelson Hoineff. He was in town long enuf to have a coffee in town and tell us of his latest activities in TV and film in Rio, where the crime rate is soaring… Huddling in New York’s Oyster Bar restaurant recently, located in the bowels of Grand Central Station, were former ad manager Mort Bryer, ex-bureau chief in Munich, Jack Kindred, and Peter Besas, who was in Gotham on a short private jaunt. Many oysters, clams and fish were cheerfully downed, along with some alcohol. Jack was on his way to his home town, Sioux Falls, and Bryer schlepped in from his mansion in Connecticut.


Joan Silverman has sent out the news that Syd will be celebrating his Big 75. He said, “a celebration, no way!” but Joanie talked it over with him and convinced him to have one anyway. They’ll be celebrating with a few friends and old-timers at Sardi’s on January 13th. We’ll give a full report of the “do” after it’s held and may even have some pics to post.